Community Development Services

Sunmaker offers Community Development Services tailored to improve the social and economic lives of people living in different areas especially those around development lines such as oil and gas and energy areas. Based on the concept of sustainable development, we works closely with enterprises and international organizationsto design and implement a series of community and livelihood development projects to address practical issues in relevant communities, including skills improvement projects, agricultural development, disease prevention and control, environmental protection, gender equality, and highlight corporate social responsibility through community-related projects.

Financial and Business Capacity

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beneficiaries trained in various vocational courses
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Startup Kits kits for construction, tailoring, Mechanical, etc. distributed
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Businesses supported for growth / 90% business growth realized
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beneficiaries trained in Financial Literacy and Management

Our Community Development Initiatives

Hands-on skills such as Construction, Welding, Motorcycle Repair, catering, Mechanical, Driving, Heavy Equipment Operation, etc.

Start Up kits for various disciplines and Internships/on the job learning

Support those who dropped out of schools to learn Education basics thereafter qualify for Vocational programs

Support macro, small and medium enterprises grow exponentially and impact livelihoods.

Train community members in personal finance management, Investment, Planning for retirement, etc. to contribute to improved livelihoods.

Agriculture Initiatives, HIV programs, Borehole drilling, Cultural heritage programs, Road Safety Campaigns, Communicable Disease prevention, Surveying, Housing projects, etc.

Our Impact So Far

  • Financial and Business Capacity Project – RAPs 2-5, Total Energies E&P Uganda – 873 beneficiaries .
  • Community Capacity Project – Total Energies E&P Uganda Limited – Over 7,000 beneficiaries.
  • Women and Youth Project – Petroleum Authority of Uganda – Over 300 beneficiaries.
  • Financial Literacy and business development Livelihood Program under RAPs 1,2,3 and Feederline – CNOOC Uganda Limited – Over 250 beneficiaries.
  • Consultancy services for implementation of Vocational skills Livelihood Program under RAPs 1,2,3 and Feederline – CNOOC Uganda Limited – Over 500 beneficiaries.
  • Albertine Region Sustainable Development Project – Worldbank, Ministry of education and Sports – Over 700 beneficiaries

Vocational Trainings in Pictures

We can help you design a working vocational program, manage startup projects, work with communities to acquire intelligent financial management skills to build income capacity at household and community levels and support community agriculture initiatives, heritage /cultural preservations, CSR activities, school support services, road safety campaigns, training of project workers, borehole drilling and many others.

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