TVET Development
International Cooperation

Leading TVET Development & Cooperation in BRI Partner Countries: Diversified Cooperation Modes + One-stop Services

Going Global

At the National Level

  • Development of national occupational standards and program delivery standards
  • Development of national standards for the construction of professional training and program delivery conditions
  • Development of national curriculum standards and course resources
  • National capacity building for TVET managers and faculty members
  • International conferences

At the Vocational Institution Level

  • Consultation on the planning of internationalization development for TVET institutions
  • Sino-foreign cooperative education of TVET institutions
  • Sino-foreign cooperative technical skill training centers of TVET institutions
  • Student exchange programs and international student enrollment of Chinese and foreign vocational institutions
  • Publicity for internationalization of TVET institutions
  • Technical skill training on teaching equipment of TVET institutions

Bringing In

  • Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools
  • Training for managers and instructors of TVET institutions

Our Strengths

  • First mover advantages & Favorable government resources
  • Professional international TVET teams
  • Flagship TVET institution resources

Sharing Chinese Experience and Chinese Approaches to support TVET Development in BRI countries

As an active player in the top-level design of TVET in BRI countries, we, in collaboration with over 300 Chinese vocational institutions, have participated in the TVET reform in such countries as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Seychelles, and Rwanda, with the areas of cooperation covering the development of occupational standards, program delivery standards, curriculum standards and relevant teaching resources, capability building, etc.

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