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Who We Are

Sunmaker is committed to building a platform for talent and energy development cooperation among the global, aiming to promote open, innovative, and inclusive development that benefits all.

The company is home to 240 employees, over 50% of whom hold a master’s degree or above. Guided by Sunmaker’s strategic vision of global presence, the company has established a synergy with its headquarters in Qingdao and Beijing, China, investment entity in Africa – Sunmaker Oil & Gas Training Institute, and branches in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries. It has built training bases in African countries including Uganda, South Sudan, Niger, and Tanzania, co-built regional training centers in the UAE, Egypt, Europe and South Africa, and established branches in Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.

The provision of energy enterprise training, TVET cooperation, international human resources, community development and energy development technology services has enabled the company to progress from “sketching the outline” to “filling in the details”, realizing the transformation from an idea to action and a vision to reality. 

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Our Motto

A better you, A better World
In A Country, For a Country

Company Culture

Our Mission

Skilling to create a better life

Our Vision

To be the company that  links Global Education and boosts a community with a shared future

Core Values

Diversity, Integrity, Professionalism, Efficiency

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