International Human Resources Service

Sunmaker provides one-stop service packages and integrated solutions and has established a human resource management database for over 20,000 Chinese and foreign  engineers, covering various links in the energy development process.

Sunmaker is committed to providing human resources reserve, upgrading, and sustainable development services for Chinese enterprises to go global, empowering local capacity building, digitizing international human resources service, and striving to become a long-term strategic partner in human resources for both ” go global” .

With increasingly complex labor relations and increasingly strong awareness of rights safeguarding, labor disputes are on the rise. At the same time, the avoidance and management of labor disputes are becoming important in enterprise management.

Services Provided

Manpower Outsourcing

Payroll Management




Payroll Survey

Performance Management

Payroll Management

Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Talent Acquisition

People are power and Sunmaker has an enviable track record in finding the right people to be a permanent part of your team.

Outsourcing Staffing

Sunmaker’s local expertise and industry specific knowledge can reduce costs and improve efficiency, finding you the right temporary staff in complete with compliance with local regulations.

Employer of Record (EOR)

Maintain your agility by using our Employee of Record Services. Sunmaker’s expertise ensures compliance with labor, payroll and taxation regulations.

Payroll Management

Simplify your payroll administration. Sunmaker’s global reach and in depth knowledge of local regulations facilities accurate and fully compliant payroll procedures.


Take advantage of Sunmaker’s international footprint, bespoke solutions and local expertise to enhance and expand your recruitment processes.

Hi Tech and Digitization

Sunmaker is investing in the future of HR; our technology platform, Global EliteIn are poised to open the world’s eyes to the talent that can be found intercontinental.

Sunmaker is committed to reducing operational costs, improving production efficiency and delivering maximum benefits to clients.  In the recruitment of high-end talent, international employees are recruited and managed in South Sudan, Uganda, and Niger to avoid overseas employment risks and save labor costs for central SOEs.

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